Greg Lake 1947 – 2016

We have to acknowledge the passing of another great musician and performer.  Greg Lake passed away last Tuesday after a long struggle with cancer.  He was 69.  Just nine months ago we lost his bandmate Keith Emerson.  2016 has been a cruel year. Greg Lake…Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and King Crimson…he was a driving force behind two of my favorite prog rock bands.  Not only a master multi-instrumentalist, but a superb vocalist. Since it’s December I’m going to post one of my favorite Christmas songs, this one Greg Lake did as a solo in 1975, “I Believe in Father Christmas.”  RIP Greg…if ... More on Greg Lake 1947 – 2016 →

Leon Russell 1942 – 2016

Rest in Peace Leon Russell……”Master of space and time”  has this posted about Leon Russell… “I love you in a place where there’s no space or time I love you for my life you are a friend of mine And when my life is over Remember when we were together We were alone and I was singing this song to you” (Lyrics from “Song For You”) Some of my favorite Leon Russell projects included… the Delaney & Bonnie and Friends band and tour in ’69 & ’70, where Leon played guitar and piano.  This was a killer band filled with exceptional talent, which also interested and later involved George ... More on Leon Russell 1942 – 2016 →

Eric Clapton @ 70

Happy Birthday to guitarist Eric Clapton, who just turned 70 years old.  As one of my all time favorite artists, I just had to take a moment to acknowledge his milestone in years. Much has been written about Clapton, easy enough to find in a quick Google search.  His catalog of work is simply amazing, and I marvel at all the changes he’s endured.  The man is still going strong at 70, even though there’s been talk of his retirement. You can find information on his forthcoming new release album on the official website  Reprise Records will release Forever Man on April ... More on Eric Clapton @ 70 →

The Wrecking Crew

It’s so cool to see a documentary like this finally see the light of day.  In the spirit of other “rockumentary” films, it’s refreshing to see these previously unsung musicians finally get their due.   Like Motown’s The Funk Brothers, and the guys at Muscle Shoals, The Wrecking Crew shines new light on the session musicians that recorded the songs that became the soundtrack of our youth. Not only is the Wrecking Crew story itself part of rock n’ roll history , but the years long process it took to get the film financed and produced is fascinating. has a great write ... More on The Wrecking Crew →

The Art of McCartney

When it comes to tribute albums they are usually either really great or not worth a second listen.  But the magnitude of The Art of McCartney album is just so massive…it’s like the holy grail considering the huge catalog of Beatle songs and Paul McCartney solo tracks redone by so many different artists. It’s a great mix of old and new, in the way these oh so familiar songs are redone and the way each song is interpreted by the artist, each in turn taking their salute to one of the most successful songwriters of the twentieth century. It’s no wonder it ... More on The Art of McCartney →
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