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Roger Nichols 1944–2011

We’re sad to have lost another soul to pancreatic cancer; this time it’s Grammy Award winning recording engineer and producer Roger Nichols, who passed away from the terrible disease on April 9th. Roger Nichols was best known for his work with jazz-rock group Steely Dan, but he’s also engineered recordings by The Beach Boys, Bela […]

Steely Dan Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven Tour

Steely Dan will be on tour this summer, trekking across North America’s auditoriums, pavilions and theatres, and even the Toledo, Ohio Zoo. Steely Dan’s ‘Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven’ tour starts July 2nd in Seattle, Washington, with their backing group The Miles High Big Band, featuring The Embassy Brats. The Dan plan to perform not only […]

Dave Brubeck 90 In His Own Sweet Way

Dave Brubeck celebrates his 90th birthday on December 6th. The jazz legend will be spotlighted in a new Bruce Ricker documentary, Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way, executive-produced by Clint Eastwood. Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way will premiere on Turner Classic Movies December 6th at 5pm ET. Columbia Sony Legacy just released […]

Christmas with Charlie Brown & Vince Guaraldi

Everyone I know talks about how much they love the Charlie Brown Christmas special that’s broadcast every December. We’ve all heard that jazzy musical soundtrack for the past forty years, since it began in the sixties. Vince Guaraldi is the man behind the music of Charlie Brown & Peanuts. He isn’t really a household name, […]

Kong Drum Designer

Music editing software just keeps getting better all the time. Propellerheads now offers the Kong Drum Designer, which is not just another drum module. It’s all in the name; you can get exactly the drum sound you’re searching for by shaping and modeling the sound of each drum. The Kong Drum Designer features 16 pads […]