February 9, 1964 The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

February 9th, 1964…The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

I’ll never forget the major impression their performance had on me, and for so many others, the Beatles’ influence changed everything.  From then on, I wanted to be a drummer just like Ringo Starr.

recmusicbeatles.com has a timeline of Beatles appearances, such as the following…
11/18/63 – News stories featuring footage of the Beatles
11/19/63 – Bournemouth
11/21/63 – 3 major US networks
12/7/63 – A clip of the Beatles on the “CBS Evening News”
1/3/64 – A clip of the Beatles on the “Jack Parr Show”
2/9/64 – The Beatles first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

Video:  CBS news segment about The Beatles’ first time on U.S. television, before Ed Sullivan and Jack Paar.

Thursday, February 9th, 2012
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