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Ginger Baker at 71

Ginger Baker, born August 19th, 1939, just celebrated his 71st birthday. I love his drumming style in all his groups, from Cream and Blind Faith, to Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Atomic Rooster and BBM. Baker is one of many drummers who were first influenced by jazz, made their fortunes in rock, and went back to […]

Revolutions – The Very Best of Steve Winwood

‘Revolutions – The Very Best of Steve Winwood’ has just been released by Island Records. The official website says Revolutions is the definitive career restrospective of Steve Winwood, one of the most influential British musicians in rock history. I can’t argue with that. I’ve been a Winwood fan since hearing his soulful vocals on […]

Decade of Classic Rock 2000-2009

I read plenty of music reviews about the end-of-the-year and end-of-the-decade, but none of them really captured what I felt was a good look at the classic rock scene in the past ten years. So here’s my take on the past decade in classic rock… 2000: Santana wins a record nine Grammy Awards, including Album […]

Eric Clapton Steve Winwood Tour

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood recently performed an awesome show in Dallas. The crowd was blown away, myself included. A lot of blues were played, ala Derek and the Dominos, which was just fine with this audience. The Blind Faith songs sent a chill up my spine, especially when they launched into “Can’t Find My […]

Delaney Bramlett 1939 – 2008

Unfortunately we have to add another great musician and songwriter to the list of those we’ve lost this year. Delaney Bramlett died on December 27th after suffering ill health for months. Bramlett is best known for co-writing the hit song “Superstar” with his wife Bonnie (in 1969) and Leon Russell. His band Delaney & Bonnie […]