Paul McCartney Information

The Art of McCartney

When it comes to tribute albums they are usually either really great or not worth a second listen.  But the magnitude of The Art of McCartney album is just so massive…it’s like the holy grail considering the huge catalog of Beatle songs and Paul McCartney solo tracks redone by so many different artists. It’s a […]

The Beatles Fab Gear

So I was thinking how cool would it be to post a story about the original instruments that The Beatles used in 1964 during their first American tour and appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. After a little research I found some awesome websites like that features guitars like the group used…here’s a little snippet of […]

The Beatles 50 Years Ago posted a great article, and I like what Anthony Mason writes here… When The Beatles burst on the scene 50 years ago, many of our greatest young rock musicians-to-be were listening, and with songs such as “All My Loving,” they inspired performers who entertain to this day. When the Fab Four were first beamed out […]

Americana Pre-Grammy All Star Tribute To The Everly Brothers

The Americana Music Association presented a pre-Grammy all star tribute show and salute to the Everly Brothers, remembering Phil Everly, who passed away on January 3rd, 2014. posted a great article with photos! The 56th Annual Grammy Awards show took place last Sunday, with special performances from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as a […]

Golden Anniversary of Beatles Debut Album Please Please Me

Believe it or not, it was fifty years ago that The Beatles recorded their debut album, ‘Please Please Me.’ has a great article about this golden anniversary, which highlights some amazing facts, like… The Beatles recorded ten songs for their debut album, all in one day-long session at Abbey Road Studios, with a budget […]