Ray Charles Information

Bob Lefsetz

I totally agree with this statement by Bob Lefsetz… Music needs to be meaningful and fun, loose yet precise, it’s got to encapsulate all elements of life. To the point where we can’t help but be drawn in, jump up and dance, wide-eyed and elated. From his post about The Telethon: lefsetz.com/ I’ve been reading […]

Eric Clapton Steve Winwood Tour

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood recently performed an awesome show in Dallas. The crowd was blown away, myself included. A lot of blues were played, ala Derek and the Dominos, which was just fine with this audience. The Blind Faith songs sent a chill up my spine, especially when they launched into “Can’t Find My […]

Joe Cocker Hymn For My Soul

British blues singer Joe Cocker just toured through Texas this past Sunday, performing a real hit parade of classics; “Feelin’ Alright, Up Where We Belong, Shelter Me, Come Together, You Can Leave Your Hat On,” and “You Are So Beautiful.” Malcolm Mayhew posted a great review of the show in the local newspaper, the Fort […]

Classic Studio T DVDs

Classic Studio T, a music label that works out of Shepperton Film Studios in the UK, has a cool YouTube page featuring some really great DVD packages. ‘Limited Edition Director’s Cut’ DVD of the Yes 35th Anniversary World Tour. Behind-the-scenes footage and previously unreleased live performances at the N.I.A, Birmingham and The Glastonbury Festival that […]

Tom Dowd & the Language of Music

This DVD is a fascinating look behind the board, inside the studio, and into the heart and soul of the music we all know and love. Again I have to say, if you’re really into collecting music, this is a historical document and a must have for any fan of classic rock, R&B and jazz. […]