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The Art of McCartney

When it comes to tribute albums they are usually either really great or not worth a second listen. ┬áBut the magnitude of The Art of McCartney album is just so massive…it’s like the holy grail considering the huge catalog of Beatle songs and Paul McCartney solo tracks redone by so many different artists. It’s a […]

Band On The Run Video Podcast Series

Have you seen the entire video podcast series for the new remastered Band on the Run album? I like the way McCartney and MPL put together the video series to talk about the new remastering of this classic Wings album, and the insight it brings into the band’s experiences in Lagos and the recording sessions […]

Band On The Run Wings Expanded Editions

Paul McCartney has remastered and re-released a new expanded version of Wings classic number one album from 1973. Band On The Run is now available in multiple formats including the original album remastered, with rare bonus audio and video content, all in exclusive packaging. There’s also a Deluxe Edition with interesting new additions. A complete […]

Paul McCartney in Arlington, Texas

Paul McCartney and his band really pulled out all the stops to give us fans a magical mystical tour down memory lane. It was really a great show. It’s just too bad it took place at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which is best suited to football games and not concerts. The […]

The Fireman Christmas Song

I was listening to Electric Arguments, the new album from The Fireman. I got two really big impressions right away, after listening to the album in the car, really loud. First, I would think John Lennon would be proud to say to Paul McCartney, (imagine after all these years,) “Well mate, you finally got past […]