Joe Walsh new solo album Analog Man

Joe Walsh will be releasing a new album, his first in twenty years. Walsh says it’s taken this long to release another solo album because he’s been so busy with The Eagles.

His new solo album will be titled ‘Analog Man,’ and of course, has a story behind it. The album is expected sometime late next year.

Joe Walsh explained the story behind the album title to Ultimate Classic Rock…“I know in the past, I’ve had screwy album titles, but I decided to call it ‘Analog Man.’ Because, you know, my generation of musicians, we grew up analog, and now it’s a digital world. We had to learn it, you know? Everything’s totally different. There’s no record companies — who knew that would happen? They were so powerful when I was young!”

Joe Walsh has begun a solo tour; find concert information on his official website

Also, The Eagles will be performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, on November 5th and 19th. More info at

Joe Walsh Fan Club

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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