Led Zeppelin I


Led Zeppelin 1

Led Zeppelin 1

It was forty years ago when Led Zeppelin released their debut album on January 12, 1969. The group had already played some gigs under their new name, after fulfilling contractual obligations as the New Yardbirds in 1968, and were now on their first U.S. tour as Led Zeppelin.


Led Zeppelin I is still one of the best debut albums in rock history. “Good Times Bad Times” and “Communication Breakdown” were both huge singles from that first album, but I think my favorite album track is “How Many More Times.” The bass pattern, the guitar washed in echo, and the thundering drums combine to make this song one of the most exciting on the album.

The band recorded this album in something like 36 hours of total recording time because they had played alot of these songs as the New Yardbirds already. The chemistry between Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham was just amazing, and you can hear it in every track on this album.



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