Motown Records original 1877 Grand Piano gets restored by Steinway & Sons with Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney entered into a partnership with Steinway & Sons to restore an 1877 Steinway grand piano, the original instrument played by Earl Van Dyke, Joe Hunter and Johnny Griffith of The Funk Brothers, on most of Motown’s hit records.  The instrument, which is heard on most of the Motown records we’ve listened to for over the past fifty years, will be restored to its original performance quality.

The Steinway piano is usually on display at the Motown Museum in Detroit, and is now currently under repair at the Steinway & Sons Restoration Center in New York.  It’s anticipated that it will take four to five months for the instrument to be professionally restored back to it’s original Steinway authenticity, probably returning to the museum by early spring of 2012.

McCartney appreciated the piano when he toured the Motown Museum during a concert tour stop last year, remembering the influence and inspiration from those early Motown hits in the sixties.   The Beatles recorded “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (by The Miracles) and “Money” (by Barrett Strong) during their early years, and have remarked in several books that they loved those early Motown records.

McCartney decided that it’s only right to have the Steinway grand piano restored and returned to display at the Motown Museum, to preserve the legacy of Motown Records, and the artists and albums that played such a vital role in one of the great eras of American music.

The Motown Museum in Detroit was founded in 1985 by Esther Gordy Edwards, former Vice President of Motown and sister to Berry Gordy, to preserve the legacy of the Motown Records Company.

The museum’s exhibits include a fascinating collection of historical photographs, artwork, music, costumes and other memorabilia and artifacts that chronicle the incredible popularity of Motown’s artists and recordings throughout the world, and over the past fifty years.


Monday, November 7th, 2011
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