The Art of McCartney

When it comes to tribute albums they are usually either really great or not worth a second listen.  But the magnitude of The Art of McCartney album is just so massive…it’s like the holy grail considering the huge catalog of Beatle songs and Paul McCartney solo tracks redone by so many different artists.

It’s a great mix of old and new, in the way these oh so familiar songs are redone and the way each song is interpreted by the artist, each in turn taking their salute to one of the most successful songwriters of the twentieth century.

It’s no wonder it took ten years for music producer Ralph Sall to complete this project.  Forty-two songs selected from the fifty-year legacy of McCartney’s career with The Beatles, Wings and his solo career, many of which were recorded with Paul’s backing back of the past ten years…guitarists Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray; keyboardist Paul “Wix” Wickens and drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr.

I would have never imagined Alice Cooper doing Eleanor Rigby, but I love his take on it.  The real pleasure of this double album is finding those rare gems that surprise and delight you, like hearing Willie Nelson’s cover of Yesterday…I like the way he makes it his own.  Not an easy task considering it’s one of the most covered songs in pop music history.

And then some of these songs just seem to match the artist, like Roger Daltrey belting out Helter Skelter, or Paul Rodger’s soulful Let Me Roll It.  Paul McCartney’s son James also makes a guest appearance with The Cure performing a rollicking Hello Goodbye.

The Art of McCartney is available in a variety of formats…34 track CD, vinyl and digital (you get mp3 copies included with your CD purchase), 42 track deluxe set with hardbound book & DVD documentary about the making of the album, and a limited edition deluxe box set (limited to 1,000 copies) with a USB drive designed like a Hofner bass, DVD & audio documentary, an illustrated guide, art cards, CDs, vinyl and certificate of authenticity.

All in all The Art of McCartney is a wonderful celebration, as so many voices urge us to Listen To What The Man Said.


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