The Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed

‘The Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed’ is an amazing double CD with a cover that looks like a Bizarro cartoon. It’s 34 tracks of pure six string delights. Actually Ry Cooder plays anything with strings and has never been limited to just six. If it’s got guitars in it, it’s probably got Cooder on it too.

He doesn’t get nearly the attention he deserves. Just take a look at his incredible body of work; he’s done over twenty movie soundtracks, so you know he’s got mainstream exposure, but not everybody knows his work.

You can hear over thirty years of influences spanning Cooder’s amazing eclectic musical journey, from the joyful strains of Little Feat to the Flathead CD that came out last summer.

There’s a very complete Ry Cooder Discography at

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
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