The Wrecking Crew

It’s so cool to see a documentary like this finally see the light of day.  In the spirit of other “rockumentary” films, it’s refreshing to see these previously unsung musicians finally get their due.   Like Motown’s The Funk Brothers, and the guys at Muscle Shoals, The Wrecking Crew shines new light on the session musicians that recorded the songs that became the soundtrack of our youth.

Not only is the Wrecking Crew story itself part of rock n’ roll history , but the years long process it took to get the film financed and produced is fascinating. has a great write up….
They were Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. They also played so many of the hits you know and love from the ’50s and the ’60s, from artists like the Beach Boys, The Monkees, Cher, The Carpenters, Sam Cooke and many, many more. The Wrecking Crew was their name, and their story has yet to be told. Until now. With a documentary, a soundtrack and a book, The Wrecking Crew will finally receive the acclaim they deserve, even if, as executive producer Danny Tedesco says, they felt just fine with their place away from the spotlight.

The Wrecking Crew movie was released on Friday March 13th on the following media:


On Demand:

The Soundtrack will be available in various bundles… has all the details.

The Book is called Sound Explosion and they’re advertising it as a really cool coffee table book that’s 12×12 just like a vinyl LP.  Sounds like a collector’s item to me!

Denny Tedesco talks about how he put the project together….

Official Website:

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