I recently found a new music website called TuneGlue. The site is described as a Relationship Explorer. Hmm, interesting.

A little click and drag action brings up various applets for discography, news, artists websites and most importantly, relationships. That’s the one that really makes this site tick, because relationships shows the who’s who of each band and their influences. This is something of interest that we’ve talked about before, like a family history of classic rock.

However, it still has some glitches we’d like to see worked out. Exploring Relationships for Eric Clapton didn’t show anything for Steve Winwood after Blind Faith. And Releases only shows a partial listing of albums. TuneGlue didn’t even list the first few Beatle albums, which is a huge oversight as far as I’m concerned. Releases for Paul McCartney also shows a Japanese cover of Michelle, not at all a part of Macca’s discography.

But we really like the concept of TuneGlue, and will be checking it again for updates and upgrades. It’s associated with LastFM.com.

There used to be a classic rock family tree that showed all the rock bands of history, starting at the root level with Elvis, then moving into the sixties with The Beatles and the maze of artists and bands onward into the present. I swear I had it on a T-shirt, which is long gone now but the memory remains forever.

Sunday, July 13th, 2008
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